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Upcoming Events

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Greetings From The Jazzfarmers…..


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Thanks for dropping by. If you’re new to The Jazzfarm, a warm welcome and we hope you find what you need.
The Jazzfarm is primarily our home. However, it is also used on occasion as a weekend retreat centre , function venue, meeting place, plant workshop venue, Sweat Lodge zone, networking hub, and of course, our labyrinth.
Maybe you’ve heard that we’ve had some pretty cool parties here too.

Situated on the northern fringes of Johannesburg at Lanseria, The Jazzfarm has been evolving for the last 20 years.
In recent years this evolution has led us to the study of sacred plants, their wisdom, medicinal, cultural and spiritual uses.

Our regular Sweat Lodge ceremonies keep everyone squeaky clean, plant ceremonies are hosted from time to time and generally the Jazzfarm is a gathering place for like minded people in tranquil, open hearted surroundings for all manner of events.

The farm is morphing and changing all the time, just like it’s inhabitants…..

If you’d like to stay up to date with happenings at The Jazzfarm please get in touch with us thejazzfarm@gmail.com  and we’ll put you on the newsletter group

Shades Of The Jazzfarm

[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20141220_165303.jpg]580
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20150617_164631.jpg]470
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1107.jpg]1160
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20141220_162237.jpg]470
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20150615_141415.jpg]470
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20150615_141158.jpg]450
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20150615_141029.jpg]410
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_img_0484.jpg]480
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20141220_165735.jpg]390
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1114.jpg]1000Beekeeping
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20141220_165227.jpg]440
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1112.jpg]860'Hermit's House' cottage
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1111.jpg]860skylight to the attic
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1109.jpg]890'The Reservoir' domitory
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20141220_160747.jpg]310
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1105.jpg]840Labyrinth from the camp site
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1104.jpg]720Camp site and hammock chill
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20141220_160321.jpg]250
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1103.jpg]730Entrance to the stoep area
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_first-rain1127.jpg]690Front path
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_not-so-roundhound.png]250
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_blob.jpg]240
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_jazzaerial.jpg]240
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_blob_0.jpg]240
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-summer-2011/thumbs/thumbs_20150809_131956.jpg]180



GPS COORDINATES:  25deg  56min 59. 31S
27deg  56min  25. 17E

From Malibongwe Drive:
Over Witkoppen Rd.
Past Kya Sands industrial.
Over Diepsloot road robot. (Big LionPark statue)
Over N14 Krugersdorp highway. Past Hertford Total gas station.
500m turn right at 4-way Robot. (signposted to Fourways). Chicken farm on the right hand corner.
400m turn left at Kwena Molopo school onto Main rd.
2ks turn right onto Border Rd. ( There are two big white walls with ‘Lanseria Storage’ signs.)
800m on left. The  Jazzfarm 34 Border Rd

From William Nichol Drive:
North on William Nichol to Monte Casino.
Fork left onto bridge and Witkoppen rd.
First robot right onto Cedar Rd.
All the way down Cedar rd (9k’s)
T Junction left then immediately right. Follow sign to Lanseria airport..
Over N14 Krugersdorp highway.
600m right at Kwena Molopo school onto Main Rd.
2ks turn right onto Border Rd (dirt road). (There are two big white walls with ‘Lanseria Storage’ signs.)
800m on left. The  Jazzfarm 34 Border Rd.

From Pretoria/Centurion

Travel west on N14 towards Krugersdorp.
Take ‘Randburg/Lanseria offramp. Turn right.
Drive past Hertford Junction shops. Turn right at next big 4way junction. (signposted to Fourways).
600m turn left at Kwena Molopo school onto Main Rd.
2ks turn right onto Border Rd (dirt road). (There are two big white walls with ‘Lanseria Storage’ signs.)
800m on left. The  Jazzfarm 34 Border Rd.