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Jazzfarm 25th Birthday

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What a night! Thanks to all of you who came and shared 25 years of The Jazzfarm. We counted 147 through the gate and the last of you departed on Sunday afternoon. We’ll be hosting other parties, don’t you worry, but this one is a tough one to follow. Thanks to Jonathan for the photography, BJ for the food, Mike for the tunes and Derek for the coffees.

Jazzfarm 25th Birthday

150 of you came round to one of the greatest parties we've ever hosted. Mike Lesar spun 7 hours of tunes, BJ cooked up a storm and Derek kept us all up an running with his coffees. We'll party again one day, but this was a tough nigh to beat.

[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2970.jpg]190
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2883.jpg]210
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2896.jpg]210
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2904.jpg]180
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2928.jpg]180
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2947.jpg]180
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr3001.jpg]160
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2049.jpg]170
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2056.jpg]190
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2067.jpg]230
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2089.jpg]160
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2091.jpg]170
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2185.jpg]160
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2281.jpg]150
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2286.jpg]130
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2312.jpg]120
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2487.jpg]130
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2358.jpg]130
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2367.jpg]100
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2380.jpg]100
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2432.jpg]110
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2445.jpg]140
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2510.jpg]140
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2579.jpg]100
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2599.jpg]90
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2607.jpg]100
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2689.jpg]120
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2699.jpg]110
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2719.jpg]120
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2725.jpg]100
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2737.jpg]100
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2757.jpg]90
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2758.jpg]160
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2802.jpg]170
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2805.jpg]140
[img src=http://www.jazzfarm.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/jazzfarm-25th-birthday/thumbs/thumbs_jhr2856-2.jpg]150

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Sweat Lodge With Leanne Chalice

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It was wonderful to see Leanne Chalice at The Jazzfarm once again pouring a Lodge. It has been some time since we were able to synchronise dates with her. The ceremony was a comfortable 25 people, some of which we hadn’t seen since Leanne’s last visit. This was probably the last Sweat Lodge she facilitated as Leanne Chalice as she prepared to head off to Cape Town to be married to Ryan Klette. We send much love to them…..



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Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors

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Whilst on our visit to New York for the United Nations Special Assembly On Drugs, we managed to get away from all the drug speak for some calm and introspection. We took a train a couple of hours up the Hudson River from Manhattan to a small village with no shop or cafe for breakfast. Small place indeed.
After a 30 minute walk up the hill and through the woods we arrived at The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors, Alex Grey’s visionary art retreat. It’s very cool to meet your hero and so it was that day. Alex Grey’s art features a lot of the walls of the Jazzfarm and it was such a treat to see his paintings as originals in the ‘flesh’ AND we managed to get a signed print of St Alfred – his tribute to Albert Hoffmans 100th birthday..

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Visit From An ETV Doccie Crew

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March saw the Jazzfarm being visited by a really funky young doccie crew filming a pilot for ETV. The subject? cannabis and creativity. We let the crew loose in the gardens at the Jazzfarm and they didn’t know where to point their cameras next. For 20 years we’ve used cannabis to create at the Jazzfarm and it soon became apparent that they’d come to the right place. Any time, any place – we love talking to the various film crews that visit us. This visit was particularly interesting though because of it’s specific subject matter. Hmmm, time for a smoke and a bit more creativity….

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A Sub Zero Amsterdam

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It was great to get some funding to travel to Holland for a drug policy conference in Heemskerk outside Amsterdam in early January. The Global Forum for Producers Of Prohibited Plants (GFPPP) discussed the plight of the world’s subsistence cannabis opium and coca farmers ahead of the big UNGASS conference at the United Nations in April. With an average daily temperature of 4 degrees, the 13th century castle we were holed up in was pumping the 20th century central heating throughout our stay thankfully.
You can read all about the Heemskerk Declaration on the Fields Of Green For ALL website:


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Jazzfarm Sweat Lodge V5.0

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top shot fire

We rebuilt the Jazzfarm Rainbow Sweat Lodge in November and very smart she looks indeed.
Constructed in the traditional Brazilian Red Path way, we recycled the grass from the previous structure to produce one of the most sturdy Lodges we’ve ever had.
The fire was lit for the first time on Jules’ birthday for a ceremony with close friends and performed handsomely.
We figure we can squeeze about 28 of you into our new Sweat lodge, so look out for our email newsletter with updates of the next ceremony.

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A Brand New Entrance

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bottom gate


Another job we completed this winter was to open up a new driveway on the northern edge of the property. Instead of turning into the usual dirt road to the front of the house on Border Road, turn right onto Central Road about 80m past Border Rd.
This entrance services the tenants and we use it for bigger functions  . the idea being we don’t have loads of cars in and out past the main house any more. A quieter and less dusty  life for us. The main house in this picture is right up on the horizon at the ‘top’ of the property.


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The Big Stage. TEDxCT

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We were more than surprised when we were asked by TEDx Cape Town if we’d consider talking at their prestigious annual event in Cape Town’s magnificent Town Hall.
It took us seconds to say yes, and weeks to hone Cannabis legalisation into 15 minutes.
Supporters coached on every aspect of public speaking; mannerisms, slides, message, wardrobe. We learned many things about the art or oratory and about ourselves.
It was a nerve wracking experience but we think we pulled it off……
FGA slideboard1 ted signs TEDx CT
















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Water Management

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water tankFor over 20 years now this 5000l tank has served as our water storage. The trouble is, for the last couple of decades, the tank has just been high enough. It always was just far too low.
For those of you who have ever stayed in a Jazzfarm cottage for the weekend, you’ll more than likely remember the complete lack of water pressure in the taps. Running around in the shower didn’t help either.

As soon as one third of the water had drained out of the tank, there would be no hot water in the main house geyser, the geyser having been ingeniously installed about a metre lower than the top of the tank – the tank that was inherited on arrival in 1994.
It was always one of those (massive) jobs we were always going to get around to.
And so we did.


tank frame jojo


Our fearless neighbours at the welding works helped us to recycle some old second hand steel and we erected another 5000l tank on top of the existing old fibreglass old timer.
The result has changed our standard of life somewhat here at The Jazzfarm.
No more waiting 20 minutes for a bath that gets cold in the winter and no more running out of water because the tank dropped by  a few hundred litres.
It’s amazing what you get round to in the end. Even after 20 years…..


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Winter Maintenance

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Winter is a time for repairs and general upkeep here at the Jazzfarm. Many of you will instantly recognise our lounge in the photo but you will have never seen it so empty. The bi-annual floor sealing and polishing mission is always quite a logistic. If you know this room, you know how full of stuff it normally is.

It’s always worth the hard work in the end

We spent the last week grouting and replacing cracked tiles in the highest impact area in the building – the stoep. It always amazes us how big the stoep area actually is without all the furniture. Routine maintenance is the key to keeping the Jazzfarm up and running. The main building is over 60 years old now, but still standing up to the fiercest of summer thunderstorm squalls.


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