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Sweat Lodge With Leanne Chalice

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It was wonderful to see Leanne Chalice at The Jazzfarm once again pouring a Lodge. It has been some time since we were able to synchronise dates with her. The ceremony was a comfortable 25 people, some of which we hadn’t seen since Leanne’s last visit. This was probably the last Sweat Lodge she facilitated as Leanne Chalice as she prepared to head off to Cape Town to be married to Ryan Klette. We send much love to them…..



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Jazzfarm Sweat Lodge V5.0

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top shot fire

We rebuilt the Jazzfarm Rainbow Sweat Lodge in November and very smart she looks indeed.
Constructed in the traditional Brazilian Red Path way, we recycled the grass from the previous structure to produce one of the most sturdy Lodges we’ve ever had.
The fire was lit for the first time on Jules’ birthday for a ceremony with close friends and performed handsomely.
We figure we can squeeze about 28 of you into our new Sweat lodge, so look out for our email newsletter with updates of the next ceremony.

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August Sweat Lodge

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We have just managed to squeeze in a Sweat Lodge in August. We don’t know where the time goes and our weekends seem to get fuller and fuller. So on the last day of the month, the 31st, we intend lighting the fire and inviting you all round for another purifying two hour session in the darkness.

Jules will be pouring this Lodge. It’s been a while. As this lodge structure evolves it seems to us the ideal number is 26 passengers, so we’ll stick to that number. So book as soon as you can, the places get snapped up quickly. We’d like to enter the Lodge at 6pm, so get here for 5pm to enjoy some refreshments, the Jazzfarm garden and spend some time collecting your thoughts and intentions.

Supper will be served on completion of the Lodge. There will also be a ‘Giveaway Blanket’ ceremony before supper. Please bring a small something or other to give to the blanket and received another something or other from someone else. Make sense?

Price for the evening is R200. You can pay by EFT (preferable) or cash on the night is all good too.

Banking details:
Jazzfarm Trading (Pty) Ltd
Nedbank  Current A/c 1328044793
Branch: 132-805

5pm for 6pm Saturday 31st August 2013 @ The Jazzfarm

See you there!


May Sweat Lodge

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Myrtle and I took a break from The Jazzfarm and headed off to the Karoo for a secluded break from it all. It seemed like a long time since we’d managed to get away.
We’re back and we’ve hit the ground running with work, projects and commitments.
Looking through the diary we noticed a spare weekend coming up where The Jazzfarm isn’t booked up.

It’s short notice ,we know, but how about a Jazzfarm Sweat Lodge on Saturday 26 th May. There are a few of you who’ve been asking when the next Lodge was going to be.
Here you are then, we hope it’s not too short a notice for you all.

Jules will be pouring this Lodge. Let’s enter the Lodge at sunset, say 6pm.  It is 5 weeks since there was a Sweat Lodge  ceremony at The Jazzfarm. Far too long. So come along for a ride down the rabbit hole of heat, cramped, dark, chanting, shouting, rebirth, rejuvination AND some really tasty soup and fresh breads for supper…..

Saturday 26th May 5ish for 6pm……Rainbow Sweat Lodge…be there – or be somewhere else. R180 per person.

Pay a visit to our dedicated Sweat Lodge page within the Jazzfarm site. All your questions should be answered there for you about what to bring and what to expect.

See you there!




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Late October Lodge….

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We’ve experienced some very interesting and utterly unique Sweat Lodges already at The Jazzfarm since the end of winter.
No two lodges are the same as you know. Each and every person that pours the Lodge adds a style and feel to the proceedings too.
Nixiwaka, Leeane Chalice, Gogo Gerrie and Mother Moon have all played their parts in keeping the Jazzfarm Sweat Lodge a varied and unique affair!
To add to the long list of distinguished Sweat Lodge Facilitators that have graced The Jazzfarm this ‘season’ I propose to pour a Jazzfarm family Rainbow Sweat Lodge on Saturday 30th October 2010.
In keeping with our previous Lodges this year, I propose to enter the Lodge at 4.30pm.
If you’ve never been to one of yours truly’s lodges then maybe this is your chance…..
An informal late afternoon. Bring a towel and a few opinions and lets thrash them out in the pitch black and the heat !!
There will be light refreshments beforehand, so get here for a chill and a chat…and we’ll have a light early supper for you after the Lodge.
There will be a ‘Giveaway Blanket’ after supper, so bring along a small gift to give away to the group.
Price is R180 per person. Remember…4.30pm start…

If  this is your first time at  The Jazzfarm, take a look at the Sweat Lodge page on this blog so you know what to bring.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have….
See you there!

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Thank You Mother Moon !

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It was a delight to see mother Moon once again at The Jazzfarm.
We hosted an inimate, informal gathering for her inimitable brand of story telling, ceremony and culminating in a late afternoon Sweat Lodge.
Sammye Jo captivated her audience with a blend of folk lore, traditional song  and some advice too!
For those of you that couldn’t make this event, we’ll try our hardest to persuade mother Moon to return !
Thank you Leeane for all your hard work coordinating everything.!

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