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Water Management


water tankFor over 20 years now this 5000l tank has served as our water storage. The trouble is, for the last couple of decades, the tank has just been high enough. It always was just far too low.
For those of you who have ever stayed in a Jazzfarm cottage for the weekend, you’ll more than likely remember the complete lack of water pressure in the taps. Running around in the shower didn’t help either.

As soon as one third of the water had drained out of the tank, there would be no hot water in the main house geyser, the geyser having been ingeniously installed about a metre lower than the top of the tank – the tank that was inherited on arrival in 1994.
It was always one of those (massive) jobs we were always going to get around to.
And so we did.


tank frame jojo


Our fearless neighbours at the welding works helped us to recycle some old second hand steel and we erected another 5000l tank on top of the existing old fibreglass old timer.
The result has changed our standard of life somewhat here at The Jazzfarm.
No more waiting 20 minutes for a bath that gets cold in the winter and no more running out of water because the tank dropped by  a few hundred litres.
It’s amazing what you get round to in the end. Even after 20 years…..


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